Thai Girls: Makeup Trends

In Thailand, girls or women who are looking at the latest makeup trends are going to find a lot of trends that have been carried down through several years. At one point in time, Thai girls or women would wear ornamental head dresses that included lots of beads and other textiles, combined with a porcelain white face. Though the use of the head dress is no longer something that most Thai girls are wearing, the pale face is still something that most girls and women strive for.

In fact, there is a whole industry devoted to helping Thai girls and women get the pale skin that is often associated with power, prestige, beauty and the ideal woman. For Thai girls who are looking into this, they can achieve this with makeup. The idea is to make your skin as pale as possible. Most girls avoid the Sun in order to ensure that their skin is not tanned or burned. They then add on powder and foundation in colors that are several shades lighter than their natural skin color in an effort to be appear more pale and white. The key to making this look work is to ensure that this blends into the skin to make it look as if you are not wearing any makeup.

To best achieve a pale face, you will want to use a liquid foundation to cover the face, including under the eyes were dark circles may be present. You will then want to use a loose powder on top of the foundation to make a flawless complexion.

The Eyes

Eye makeup in Thai fashion is all about making your eyes stand out from your face. You want your eyes to shine and appear much bigger than what they are. This can be achieved through using the right type of eye liner, mascara and eye shadow colors. For most girls, lining the eyelid and below the eye in a charcoal or black liner is going to give definition. You will then need to apply a shadow that is going to go well with your skin tone. The most recent trend points to the use of dark browns, grays and blacks as the most common eye shadow colors seen. The mascara needs to help make your lashes look long and as though they are turning up from the eye to really offset the oval shape of eyes. A lengthening mascara is often the best choice for this.

The Lips

Most Thai girls have the eyes as the focal point of their faces, yet this does not mean that they are not embellishing the lips in one or another. Years ago, a pale lip was all the rage, yet now, more girls are using bright reds and pinks in order to show their personality a bit more. They also want their lips to appear full and healthy, which is where the use of color with gloss comes in. For girls who have the dark hair and eyes, the use of a brighter lip color can help to make a dramatic look, plus it can aid in making the skin look paler.

The key to the newest makeup trends for Thai girls is to look at what is being seen within most Asian communities. Most Thai girls seem to duplicate what they see on the runways with Asian models. For the most part, girls want to aim to set their eyes up as being the focal point of their faces, which can be achieved through making the skin appear more pale with the use of foundations, powder, and glossy lip colors. Girls will find that the color trends can change from season to season, though the darker colors seem to be staying around for a while. But, it does mean paying attention to what is happening in the world of fashion to ensure that you are on top of the Thai fashion for girls that is on the market.

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